What Is Brow Lamination?

Though brow lamination is a hot topic right now, it is a trend that first began a few decades ago. In the stratosphere of social media and influencer culture, many are encouraged to do their own brow laminations.

While at home applications are possible, for the best results and to avoid possible blunders, it is best to seek professional services.

For those who are hesitant of needles and blades, brow lamination is the alternative to microblading, eyebrow tattooing, and microshading. In other words, it is a fast and non-invasive solution to creating a look of fullness and growth.

According to Amber Harrison ​, owner of Brow Envy Ohio, brow lamination “takes your unruly or thinning brow hair and smooths it out while also lifting the hair in a more vertical direction.” This results in a smooth brow that looks as if you have applied brow gel.

Brow lamination is suggested for use with gaps, thinning, overplucking, and unruliness; though it may not provide you with the same fullness that comes from tattooing techniques. For some, like those ​who suffer from thin skin or rosacea, ​it may be the only option. For others, like those with naturally thick eyebrows, it can provide a tamed look when microblading is not necessary.

How Is Brow Lamination Done?

If you do choose to seek professional services, your procedure will begin with an eyebrow cleanse. A technician will usually use a single-use lamination kit that includes this cleanser along with a lifting solution, neutralizing cream, water-based adhesive, and ​aftercare products.

Following your eyebrow cleanse, a lifting solution is then applied. Typically, this solution is a perm-based solution that is formulated for use with the brow specifically. During the application of the lifting solution, it is important to brush and lift the eyebrows in order to ​achieve the manicured effect.

If eyebrows are especially thick, this should be done on a row by row process then followed up with a mascara brush or spoolie wand. Plastic wrap is then applied to the brow to hold in place while the lifting formula is left to process. The processing length of time will vary by product.

It is also important to check the brow once or twice during your processing period to continue to smooth out the brows while slowly molding them into the desired shape. At the conclusion of your processing period, the plastic wrap should be taken off and the lifting solution should be removed with a cold, damp cotton pad — these seem to be gentler than cloth solutions.

Following the processing period, be sure to apply the neutralizing cream as instructed in order to stop the lifting solution and processing. The plastic wrap and shaping will be repeated for this step as well, based on the manufacturer’s directions. Once this time has expired it is okay to remove it with a cotton round, in the same way, that the lifting solution was removed.

While the steps above seem to be easily done at home, once this process is finished it is still important to wax and shape the brow line — this is where professional work comes in handy. Some people also prefer to tint their brows during the lamination process which would also be done at this point.

In the final step of brow lamination, the water-based adhesive (or in some product lines) a nourishing cream is placed on the brow to look it in place. All in all, the application should hold for a few months.

Brow lamination kits are available online as low as $40 or as high as $100. Though these kits are available, it is ​still recommended to seek professional help. ​These services range from $80 to $300.

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