Microblading vs. Eyebrow Tattooing

Now that microblading has become the new choice for semi-permanent makeup in the beauty industry, those familiar with the older techniques of eyebrow tattooing are now questioning the differences between the two — if there is any difference at all.

Prior to the new techniques of microblading and micro-pigmentation, permanent makeup was considered permanent. Technically speaking, because of how our bodies quickly cycle through facial skin and the sensitivity of the area, very few tattooing procedures are permanent and will have to be touched up eventually. Nowadays, you hear these procedures referred to as semi-permanent, but eyebrow tattooing is still referred to as permanent makeup.

In the comparison of microblading versus eyebrow tattooing, though each service uses tattooing techniques, there is a clear distinction over which is the superior service. With eyebrow tattooing, also called micro-pigmentation or permanent makeup, a machine is typically used to place pigment under the skin. This pigment placement style is the same as the modern-day tattoo where the needle is dipped into the pigment and then transferred into the skin.

On the other hand, microblading is usually done with a handheld tool and the absence of a machine. Like permanent makeup, the needle (which in this case would be called a blade) is also dipped into the pigment but, with microblading, the pigment is “sliced” or “scratched” into the skin.

Most microblading classes will train to the fact that this method should be used to create the illusion of a natural eyebrow color when the tone is a bit more muted. Eyebrow tattooing provides colors that are a bit warmer when first placed. The final selection of either is based largely on personal preference.

Those loyal to permanent makeup have argued that the outcome of either technique cannot be judged by the tools but by the skin and practitioner. This is not hard to believe when considering the many types of combination skin, recovery, and level of exposure to the elements. While you can clearly see the difference between the two techniques, in the beginning, long term results will vary greatly, regardless of the method you choose.

Whether you are seeking eyebrow tattooing or microblading, always consider there are a few things that you can’t avoid regardless of the technique you choose. Though you do wake up with thicker, fuller brows, from time to time you will still need to fill in your eyebrows for certain makeup combinations. Sometimes with permanent makeup or microblading, like with any tattooing procedure, it may take multiple sessions for the desired effect to be achieved.

One thing to consider is the fact that though the cost of microblading is now reaching higher costs than tattooing, eyebrow tattoos outlast microblading by years. But, while tattooing has the tendency to fade to grays, greens, and blue, microblading fades to richer, more natural tones like ash, browns, and oranges.

With both techniques, a technician is able to achieve small hair like strokes or a feather effect. They can also create the illusion of a powder-brow, block brow, or ombré effect similar to the use of micro shading. The biggest difference, and this case a major pro, is the fact that microbladed eyebrows are hand-drawn and don’t utilize a machine. This technique provides an outcome with finer details and lines.

So, whether you are looking for a procedure or ready to learn the techniques yourself, be sure to learn Microblading 101 in 2020  for an in-depth look into the process.

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